News & Updates

Website is always under construction, so if you see any errors, do feel free to email us and point them out.

The Website only offers UK shipping at the moment, but we can ship overseas. If you are overseas, and see something you would like, just email us, and we'll get a shipping cost to you.

We'll be adding to the site on a regular basis.  Keep watching for updates.

11th September, 2019

We've had loads of new/used stock arrive since the last update on here, but it's not so easy to list them on this website, as often these items sell away very quickly. The best way to see what's coming in, is check our ebay page. We're listing everyday.  Recently, and new to the surplus market is the range of Romanian clothing and equipment that we are busy with.

18th March, 2019

New look to the website this month.  You can see our entire range now. For used/genuine items, follow the ebay icon on our home page. For new outdoor products, some are on ebay, but mostly these are in our retail shop and on this website. To see what's gannin on, (happening) click on our facebook link and join our Centre of Britain Army Surplus Group. I sometimes put stuff on there that e-bay don't like, but I am finding more and more that neither do facebook. Thank goodness we have a glass display case in our shop.

20th February, 2019

Website is having a right good sort out. We've sold out of a lot of things, so they are now gone. We will be adding more lines of stock over the next few days. Hopefully the website will be easier to navigate.

30th January, 2019

The first wave of 2019 new deliveries is almost over, we've got a load of new stuff just waiting to be listed onto our e-bay shop. We're getting it up there as fast as we can.  If you're watching our ebay shop, check it daily, as we've got lots of original stock just waiting to be put on line this next week.  We have another pallet due in in about 7 days, and a pallet of British kit arriving before that. Christmas feels like a long time ago.

24th October, 2018

We set plans today in the shop to move things around, brought in two new clothing rails, dismantled tables, created space along two walls in preparation, piled clothing and blankets on the floor ready to go, and what happened? We were so busy in the shop with customers, we got nothing put anywhere. So if you are/were in the shop on the 25th, and it looked a mess, or you tripped over something, that's why.